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Automatic feed progressive dies

afpd1Progressive dies are very complicated, precisely made tools that produce a stamping in stages, so that with each stroke of the press, another stage is performed. With each stroke, each stage is occupied by one piece; this piece then advances to the next stage, until it drops out of the die complete. Thus, with each stroke, at least one complete piece is produced.

afpd2Because of the size of these dies and the precision required, they generally represent a large investment. Clearly, for small quantities of parts, a large investment in tooling is a disadvantage. However, for large quantities of complex parts, the progressive die is a tremendous advantage in overall cost.

afpd3We've produced progressive dies with up to 5 stages, producing parts complete that would otherwise have required as many as 4 secondary operations. One advantage that we have over other shops in the area of progressive dies is our CNC servo feed, advancing the material with a precision of .0002 inches. This not only improves the accuracy of the locations of the features in the workpiece, but it also prevents costly mis-hits that can damage tooling.