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Case Study 2

Part name: Planetary drive front cap

Material: Electrolytic tin-plated steel

Thickness: .030

Challenge: To produce a complex piece with an intricate outer profile, several challenging forms, and stringent surface finish requirements, in large quantities

Solution: Large quantities and a low target price required us to produce this part complete using a very complicated progressive die. The intricacy of the outer profile created a relatively long perimeter, requiring a press with more tonnage than one would expect for a .030 thick steel part.

The relative ductility of the alloy allowed easy forming of the ninety degree forms. An excellent surface finish was required on the inside of the 45 degree conical surface; this was achieved by using a detail with a mirror finish, and by simultaneously cleaning and lubricating the material with a high-pressure forming coolant using an automated wicking system.

To keep the die's 4 progressions properly aligned without relying solely on a pilot punch that would otherwise distort the center hole in this thin material, we used a CNC servofeed with an accuracy of .0002.